If you have a thing for steak and cheese, great beer, and vibrant art, Philadelphia might just be the ideal city for you. Being a top-tier city in the United States and lately having emerged as the sixth-largest city of the country, Philadelphia is home to millions of people who absolutely love the city for its rich history, iconic buildings, the incredible arts, and of course, the amazing community.

Compared to the bigger cities in the U.S like San Francisco and New York City, for instance, living in Philadelphia isn’t as expensive, mainly because of affordable housing.

However, that’s certainly not it! There is so much more that this wonderful city has to offer to you that will instantly make you fall in love with it and perhaps, even make you want to move right away!

Here are seven of the greatest things to love about Philadelphia, one of the most historic cities in the U.S.

1. Excellent Recreational Opportunities

Who doesn’t want to relax, have fun, and enjoy bouts of laughter after a heavy dose of entertainment every now and then, right? Whether you are 15 or 50, everyone deserves a little fun!

Philadelphia offers a little something for everyone, owing to its huge, diverse parks, the enthralling mountains, the warm sandy beaches, and one of the greatest recreational systems in the whole of the United States.

Take Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, for example. This amazing recreation system is responsible for more than 300 neighborhood parks, playgrounds and recreation centers, 60 community gardens, five ice skating rinks, five golf courses, above 600 sports fields, and so much more! All of this is to provide the residents of the city with an opportunity to connect with the natural world and engage in a socials setting.

2. Unparalleled Historical Significance

In the words of the famous character Barney Stinson from the ever-popular show “How I Met Your Mother,” the historical sites in Philadelphia are legendary!

The historical significance of this city is simply unparalleled, which also led it to become the country’s first World Heritage City!

Lucky for the people of today’s time, a large part of the city’s history has been preserved successfully, which comprises of two of its most important and beautiful attractions: the Liberty Bell and the Independence Hall. 

Other than that, it is home to the Independence National Historic Park that has so many spectacular museums, churches, historic houses, cemeteries, and government buildings, to name a few.

If you are into history and discovering old sites and heritage of a city, you will love Philadelphia!

Philadelphia Museum of Art

3. Affordable Housing and Living Opportunities

Housing prices have surely been touching the skies lately, be it for apartments or rentals. Even so, out of the many cities in the United States, Philadelphia remains one of the few attractive ones to a majority of renters and homebuyers, mainly because of its affordable housing options and value proposition.

It ranks as the 27th most expensive metropolitan area in the United States, which might sound too much, but it actually isn’t that bad at all.

Finding the perfect neighborhood majorly depends on how much you are willing to spend when you move to a new city.

So, if you have a reasonable budget, you might want to consider areas like Old City, Rittenhouse, and Society Hill, for instance, where you are expected to spend between $1500-$2000 for a single bedroom and somewhere between $3000 and $4000 in case you are looking for a double bedroom. But if you are on a tighter budget, places like East Passyunk and Cedar Park will give you an apartment for $600-$900 but bear in mind that these neighborhoods are farthest from Center City. We’ve also got a great list of college communities in Philadelphia, if that’s something you’re into.

4. True Gastronomic Affair

There’s an excited foodie residing in one each of us, and Philadelphia certainly takes that into consideration by offering some of the most exciting drinking and dining options!

If you are more of a fine dining fan, there are numerous world-class options in the city such as Sbraga, Amada, and Tinto, among many others, which will truly soothe your soul and satiate your appetite. And if you are more of a pizza and drinks kind of a person, Beddia Pizzeria is the perfect place for you, which has also been ranked as one of the best food places in the country!

5. Amazing People and Community

The thought of moving to a new city is truly scary, and what tends to make one even more anxious is the kind of neighborhood, people and community they will find in the city.

Philadelphia is one of those cities where you have nothing to worry about because this city is home to amazing people, communities and neighborhoods where everyone is just so welcoming, kind and they make you feel comfortable.

Interestingly or rather coincidentally, in this case, it’s also called the City of Brotherly Love, which goes to show how this city is brimming with positivity, friendship, love, and harmony. 

6. The Ideal Location

One thing that you will truly appreciate about Philadelphia is its ideal location; it is only two hours away from New York City, and it is also just 3-4 hours away from spontaneous day trips.

So, fancy a change of scenery and a quick weekend getaway? No worries; pack your bags, and go away on an exciting weekend adventure with your kids, family, partner, or even alone if you want! That’s the real beauty of this wonderful city.

7. Endless Entertainment Opportunities

If you prefer living in a city that is in close proximity to the best and must-visit cultural attractions, Philadelphia truly won’t disappoint you. It is the hub of art, culture, and music, so whether you want to look at a collection of modernist paintings, unique antiquities from all around the world, or listen to some exhilarating live music and lose your mind for a while, you’ll find literally everything in this city!

Ready to Make the Move?

Does the idea of moving to Philadelphia excite you? If it does, it is time to look for a new home in a city that has everything for everyone!

Not sure if Philadelphia is the place for you? Check out Pittsburgh or our other local guides. The right home for you is out there, and we’ll help you find it.

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