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7 Things to Love About NYC – Manhattan

Most people often wonder about how it would be like to live in the cultural melting pot of the world known as New York City. Some of them even dream about moving there and calling that spectacular city home. And why shouldn’t they? New York City has so much to offer to its people from career opportunities and comfortable living to cultural attractions and just an overall fun-filled, exciting life.

If you are also one of those dreamers, perhaps, you should consider making the move to Manhattan, one of the five boroughs of New York City.

Manhattan is like the epicenter of this city and literally feels like the heart of it all. This electric center of the world is also home to Times Square and Broadway, which is one of the main reasons why this island situated between East River and Hudson River, is one of the most popular NYC boroughs.

Here are 7 things that you’ll absolutely love about NYC – Manhattan and the reasons why this mystical island draws thousands of people towards it all the time.

1. Ever-Increasing Cultural Diversity 

The fact that Manhattan is popularly referred to as the melting pot of culture is enough evidence that this legendary borough is brimming with cultural diversity. People who live there also claim that it has the ‘best of what’s around.’

People from different parts of the world live in Manhattan and that too, in close quarters with each other, which simply suggests that cultural barriers break down fast in this part of New York City.

Be it your workplace, your neighborhood, or any recreational spot that you visit here, you will come across so many people with different cultural backgrounds. If anything, this presents you with a great opportunity to make new friends, eat unique kinds of foods, and learn about all the other cultures in the world.

2. A Fascinating Blend of ‘Calm’ and ‘Thrill’

New York City proudly boasts the title of being the “city that never sleeps,” which simply suggests that the city is bright and alive all the time!

However, Manhattan can be quite serene and calm sometimes, given a few places on this island where you can go to relax and enjoy a peaceful time.

So, it’s more like a unique blend of ‘calm’ and ‘thrill’ that always keeps one thoroughly entertained, which means boredom and monotony are simply out of the question when living in Manhattan!

3. The Ultimate Hub of Culture, Fashion and Arts 

One of the first few things that you are likely to notice about Manhattan is the presence of culture, fashion and arts all around you. You will come across a plethora of galleries and art museums in this part of NYC, along with numerous musicals and Broadway shows being played on and off every single week.

This town is the hub of creativity and innovation that is sure to impress anyone who lives here or visits on yearly trips.

You have so many popular options like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the largest ever art museum in the United States, where there are libraries, exhibitions, virtual events, collection areas, and so much more!

the met in manhattan

4. Soul-Pleasing Food Available At All Times 

For a hearty glutton, Manhattan surely checks the box off the list because it doesn’t only have some of the best cuisines from all around the world, but you can satisfy your cravings at ungodly hours in an instant!

Whether it’s a pastrami sandwich, a cheesy pizza, or a sizzling steak with veggies on the side that you crave, Manhattan has it all available at all times!

Manhattan is the home of modern gastronomy with something as simple as a food truck on the side of the road to incredible fine-dine restaurants in every other corner. If you are a true foodie, you will never run out of food options in this amazing city!

5. A Plethora of Legendary Landmarks 

Manhattan isn’t just a gastronomy hub, but it is also the most exclusive hub of spectacular feats of engineering! 

This town of NYC has some of the most magnificent and legendary landmarks of all times, such as World Trade Center, Times Square, The Empire State Building, The Flatiron Building, Radio City Music Hall, and so many others!

All these landmarks are absolutely incredible and try as you might, you won’t be able to stop your mind from being awestruck and your jaw from dropping at these flawlessly wonderful developments!

6. Choose Your Favorite Neighborhood 

When you move to a new city, a primary concern is none other than exploring the best apartments and rentals in that city. Especially when you move to a city like New York City, the desire to live the American Dream is real.

Manhattan has some super splendid neighborhoods, but choosing the right one involves a lot of researching and exploring.

Some of the most popular and all-rounder types of neighborhoods in Manhattan that you can choose from include Midtown Manhattan which is ideal for people who like bright lights and big noisy crowds, SoHo, which is one of Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhoods and Upper East Side, which is home to rich population, has single floor apartments and is known as the “Gold Coast.”

7. Every Shopaholic’s Dream

Manhattan provides exquisite shopping opportunities to all those shopaholics out there who can shop away to their heart’s content!

Fifth Avenue is one of its most famous streets, and it boasts the reputation of being the most popular shopping arena in town! It’s a major thoroughfare that stretches all the way from Greenwich Village to Harlem.

Although it’s known to be quite expensive, it’s actually every shopper’s dream for the magnificent display of fashion and style will simply blow you away!

fifth ave

Live the Dream in Manhattan 

There’s no denying the fact that Manhattan in New York City is absolutely top-class place to live in, considering how it has a bit of literally everything.

If this gorgeous island has somewhat managed to blow you away, you might want to consider looking for a new home in this marvelous town on Dwelllsy.com!

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