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los ángeles boardwalk during sunset

7 Things to Love about Los Angeles, CA

There’s not just one, but hundreds of things to love about Los Angeles, the largest city in the U.S. state of California. From a great of apartments and houses to a plethora of incredible job opportunities, you will find it all in this fantastic city.

But more than that, the city is so diverse, has such idyllic and scenic views, and presents you with some wonderful living opportunities.

Here are seven things to love about Los Angeles. Let’s dive in!

1. Diversity At Its Best

America is popularly referred to as a ‘melting pot,’ which is basically an indication of how the country is home to so many different types of people and cultures that blend together.

Los Angeles is one city in the United States that is a true representation of the American melting pot. With as many as a hundred different languages being spoken in L.A. and almost 140 nationalities enjoying their own little neighborhoods, the city is brimming with diversity!

As you drive through the city, you’ll come across a variety of amazing areas that are incredibly special and unique, such as Little Armenia, Echo Park, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, and so many others. 

It’s almost like exploring different parts of the world but within a single city!

Chinatown Los Angeles
Chinatown Los Angeles

2. The Perfect Weather

Among many other things, Los Angeles gives you good reasons to step out of your house, walk down the streets and bask in the warmth of the sun. The weather in this city is just always right, and that too, all year round!

Since Los Angeles is located right between the mountains and the coast, it has the “ideal” climate (for most people), and there’s absolutely no question that this city has the best weather in the entire state of California!

The best part? The plethora of beaches in this city provide the ultimate opportunity for you to grab your swimwear, sunscreen, and head to the waters for a swim.

3. Soul-Pleasing Food

Los Angeles isn’t just diverse in terms of its people and cultures, but also when it comes to its dynamic gastronomic affairs!

It’s almost like culinary heaven and a true food paradise for every foodie and gourmand out there. Thanks to the multiple cultures found in L.A., you can get a taste of a number of cuisines. These cuisines have the most soul-pleasing food to offer to all excited diners.

From amazing street vendors when you are on a budget to upscale 5-star restaurants when you want to impress your date, you’ll find it all in the heart of Los Angeles!

If you are a seafood lover, perhaps you won’t think twice about moving to this city because it’s located next to the Pacific Ocean. Do you know what that means? Getting to chow down on the freshest and the most delicious seafood you’ll ever eat! If that doesn’t please the soul, we don’t know what will!

4. Great Educational Opportunities

L.A. is surely all about fun, thrill, dynamism, and party, but one can’t deny that the city is also very serious about education at the same time. For all those looking to begin their undergraduate and graduate careers, you will be quite pleased with what the city has to offer.

It easily boasts a reputation of being one of the biggest premier centers in the United States for higher education, thanks to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), which is one of the top-ranked universities in the world.

There are as many as thousands of undergraduates and graduates enrolled at UCLA, receiving some of the best education in the entire nation.


5. Beaches Everywhere

When you move to a new city, one of the many factors to consider is the location, and well, we all know Los Angeles has a prime coastal location with awesome weather all year round!

Thanks to its location, L.A. has some of the most stunning beaches, each of which has something unique and special to offer to you. Whether you want to surf away, sit on the warm golden sand and get that rich tan, catch some waves, or simply nap on your blanket, there’s a beach for all of that in this wonderful city.

If you happen to be looking for the ultimate blend of excitement and relaxation, Venice Beach in L.A. is your best bet. After relaxing on the silky sands that let you look out into the Pacific, the Venice Beach Boardwalk brings you incredible street performances that will truly excite you!

6. Endless Nightlife Entertainment 

Who doesn’t like a bit of drinking and dancing the night away?

Los Angeles boasts the most thrilling nightlight entertainment, owing to over 400 bars and nightclubs, close to 8300 restaurants, and a plethora of music venues that host live concerts and events.

It’s almost as if the city never sleeps; people especially come out of their homes at night to enjoy the starry skies and dance the night away!

If drinking and dancing isn’t your style, the city has the perfect comedy clubs for you, such as Laugh Factory, where you can leave your worries behind and laugh out loud like never before.

7. The People

So many people from all over the world call Los Angeles their “home,” and this terrific diversity of people is just so amazing and heart-warming. You will find such a great mix of ethnicities and cultures, but together, they form an excellent community. The people of Los Angeles make this city what it really is.

They are also extremely warm-welcoming and extend great levels of hospitality and kindness to everyone around them.

So, you think you want to move to L.A. already? We think you do! Time to look for a new home in Los Angeles!

Not sure if LA is the place for you? Check out our other local guides here. The right home for you is out there, and we’ll help you find it.

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