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7 Things to Love about Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas proudly boasts the title of being the ‘entertainment capital of the world,’ and it surely does justice to its reputation. Also known as “Sin City” and “the city that never sleeps,” Las Vegas is brimming with free entertainment, especially during the night as the city comes to life with dazzling neon lights, casinos, dancers and performers, and so much more!

To many people, the city is just that – noise, color, glitz and shine, and never-ending fun. For someone who doesn’t live there, that’s a typical first impression of the city.

But what if you were told that this incredible city is so much more than that, and has so many other amazing things to offer? Apart from being an entertainment hub, Las Vegas is a wonderful city to live in, owing to its great community, cost of living, decent climate, and loads of other features!

Here are seven of the best things to love about Las Vegas and factors that make it such a fantastic, all-rounder of a city.

1.    Excellent Neighborhood Options

When moving to a new city, one of the very first things that you have to decide is choosing a nice neighborhood that has access to amenities and other things. Las Vegas comprises of numerous such neighborhoods and areas that are most popular for living, each of which is conducive to a unique lifestyle.

Seven Hills is one of the prominent areas to live in Las Vegas and is widely known as an upscale community that is located in Henderson, Nevada. It’s located on the southern foothills, consists of around 3000 beautiful condos and homes, and overlooks the entire city of Las Vegas.

Whether you’re looking for rentals or to buy an apartment, you will find it all here.

2.    Affordable Housing and Low Cost of Living

The nightlife, extravagance, and the apparently ostentatious lifestyle of the city might give one the idea that living in Las Vegas is very expensive. In actuality, though, the city offers quite a low cost of living and affordable housing options.

In terms of rentals, renting an apartment can range between $760 to $1800; however, that greatly depends on the area or neighborhood that you choose.

Compared to NYC, Portland, LA, and San Diego, Las Vegas has been found to have a lower cost of living, which typically includes rent, gas, utilities, and food. These low costs are mainly possible due to zero income tax and high incomes.

3.    Life in the Sun

With year-round sunshine and almost 292 sunny days in a single year, the city has beautiful weather to offer to you. If you are someone who loves spending time outdoors, you will love the weather and climate in Las Vegas!

Although the city gets extremely hot during the summer season, the weather otherwise is just splendid! Spring and fall are so pretty and relaxing while winters a little mild and might cause an occasional desert cold spell.

Life is never hampered in this city due to the weather since there’s hardly any snowfall, and it barely rains.

You will love spending your mornings and evenings outdoors in this city, be it hitting the waters, going on a jogging session, or having a barbeque party with friends and family.

Sunny Las Vegas

4.    Never-Ending Entertainment

One simply just can’t help mention the plentiful entertainment opportunities when talking about Las Vegas. The streets of this city are always up and about and no matter the time of the day, you will always find something or the other to do in this spectacular city.

From the gorgeous beaches and waters to bars and casinos, the sky is actually the limit here when it comes to entertainment. It is, after all, the entertainment capital of the world, and the city lives to serve you, make your day, and never let you be bored!

5.    The Ultimate Place for the Foodie in You

They say food is life, and Las Vegas actually brings that statement to life with its incredible options for food and dining. It is the ultimate place to be for the foodie in you and will truly feed your soul.

From Hawaiian Shaved Ice and boozy milkshakes to novelty tacos and steaming pot roasts, the options are endless!

You will also find nationwide popular food spots in the city, including all-you-can-eat sushi spots. If you are a fish lover, you’ll probably be ecstatic to know that sushi places are literally scattered all over town in this city!

6.    Diversity Like Never Before

Over two million people call this wonderful city home, and among all those people, you will notice diversity like never before. You will find people from various kinds of backgrounds in the city, which means you will also experience great variation and variety in terms of food, cuisines, perspectives, opinions, and so many other things!

What makes living in Las Vegas such a complete, wholesome experience is that you get to interact with different people, learn about other cultures and countries, make new friends, and so many amazing things.

The people in the city are also super hospitable, warm, caring, and welcoming – so much so that you will never feel out of your comfort zone!

7.    Family-Friendly

All the gambling and partying might make one hesitant about moving to this city, especially if you have kids, but you don’t really have to worry about that because it’s a super family-friendly city! The friendliness of the city will wow you, not just in terms of the people over there, but even generally in terms of attractions, places to visit, neighborhoods, and recreational opportunities for families.

Think of Las Vegas as one, huge adventure park where you and your family can have an absolute ball!

Are you ready to look into the prospect of moving to Las Vegas? Does the city sound amazing to you? If yes, it’s time to look for a new home in the city that never sleeps. If not, you should still go for it because it’s absolutely worth it!

Not sure if Las Vegas is the place for you? Check out our other local guides here. The right home for you is out there, and we’ll help you find it.

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