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7 Things to Love About Kansas City, MO

We caught up with two of Dwellsy’s favorite people recently, Emily and JP from Kansas City, and they immediately got to work convincing us to move to KC!  Let’s hear about the top 7 things that they love about their hometown.

1. The Locals

It’s the midwest, of course, and Emily and JP were quick to zero in on the main attraction to living in Kansas City – the amazing people.  In their words, KC has a “down home midwestern vibe” and it’s a big city, but still has a laid-back feel.  

For example, they tell us that when you drive around town, you wave at someone and they wave back…do they do that in The Bronx or Philly?  

Plus – and this was one of the most surprisingly wonderful things we heard about Kansas City – apparently, no one ever honks there.  In JP’s words, “people here would sit through two lights before honking at someone.”  Sounds very relaxing…or stressful, depending on your level of patience!

2. Great Sports 

Hard to miss this one.  Emily & JP have a bunch of kids and together with the whole family, they are all fans of KC sports.  Let’s start with the Chiefs – did you hear they won the Super Bowl?  KU’s basketball is legendary, there are the Royals if baseball is your thing.  Oh yeah, and the Chiefs won the Super Bowl! 

Plus, there’s great soccer from Sporting Kansas City (Emily & JP’s boys are big fans!) and the Kansas Speedway, one of the nation’s greatest NASCAR destinations. And, the Chiefs won the SUPER BOWL!

kansas city

3. Great Public Schools 

Emily and JP are parents, so as you might imagine, schools are on their radar.  And it’s clear to them that KC’s schools are one of its biggest draws.  

In neighborhoods like Blue Valley and Shawnee Mission, the schools are amongst the best in the country, but it’s not just those areas.  On average, schools across the city are great options for parents and kids who live there.  

4. Incredible Value

Great stuff always comes at a cost, so it’s a value that matters.  New York City may have a lot going for it, but it also has sky-high rents.  Other places may be dirt cheap, but they may not have as much to recommend them.  

In Emily and JP’s view, Kansas is the best value going.  When you’re looking for a KC home, you can get incredible value for your dollar, great quality of life, interesting work to do in the area, great schools, and lots of wonderful things to do around town.  

A quick search of Dwellsy bears this out – we found lots of great rentals for less than $1,000 a month – far more than most cities the size of Kansas City.  We love great value!

5. A Really Pretty City

When the Dwellsy team thinks about different cities we know around the country, one of the underappreciated aspects is often how attractive a given city is.  It’s the kind of thing that makes every experience better, though – it makes a walk around town, an evening out or a shopping trip that much better.

Emily and JP were quick to point out that Kansas City is, in Emily’s words, “A really pretty city.”  Not only does this come from having great architecture, thoughtful urban planning, and a lot of civic pride – and therefore a well-maintained city, but there are some tremendous amenities that make the whole city beautiful.  

There are over 200 fountains around town if you can believe that!  Plus, there’s the wonderful Spanish architecture, the outdoor shopping areas, and the greenery.  Emily and JP particularly relish being outdoors in the Fall and the Spring, when the colors are at their newest and brightest.  

6. Events and Nightlife

There is a TON to do in KC.  The city has amazing event centers that host big events (Sprint Center, Power & Light Center) and smaller entertainment districts for more intimate evenings out. Crossroads, the Plaza, and Downtown all stand out to Emily and JP.   Plus, these aren’t just places for an evening out, they’re neighborhoods with great options if you want to live in the center of KC’s action.  

7. Restaurants – BBQ, Especially!

Kansas City is known for its BBQ, and Emily and JP are big fans. Everyone else around the world has to travel to get to Arthur Bryant’s or Gates, but for those who live there, you can just stop by on a Tuesday night and get some burnt ends for yourself.  

Start your search in Kansas City today!

Who’s moving?!?  We are!  We’ll see you in Kansas City!

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