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7 Things to Love About Inland Empire

Best known as one of the most affordable and entertaining places to live in Southern California, Inland Empire certainly does rise up to its title and the resulting expectations. This metropolitan area is bursting with busy, colorful city life coupled with so much entertainment, art, culture, history and recreational activities. 

Inland Empire is a beautiful mix of natural beauty, scenic views, glistening sunshine, and decadent food. More than that, it’s such a homely and comfortable place to live in. 

Here are seven wonderful things to love about Inland Empire.

1. The Wine of Temecula 

If you describe yourself as a true Oenophile, which means a connoisseur of wines, you will visit Temecula in Inland Empire. This city is every wine lover’s dream for it is home to a total of forty wineries, many of which have even won awards for their collections of rich wines.

It is a burgeoning wine region that comprises incredible wine tasting rooms that will leave your taste buds tantalizing for a long while.

One of the best Temecula wineries that you must visit is the Baily Vineyard and Winery, which is known for crafting premium wines for over 30 years. Some of its specialty wines include the traditional Bordeaux varieties as well as cabernet sauvignon.

Drop by its main tasting room anytime you want and get a chance to taste the most popular and current wine samples that will literally take you to wine heaven!

2. Idyllwild, An Oasis for Nature Lovers and Artists 

For all those people with big artistic dreams, Idyllwild is the ultimate place for you to be. It’s often described as an ‘artsy town’ and is perfect for all those people who often find themselves with either a camera hanging around their necks or with paint supplies in their hands.

This region of Inland Empire is home to multiple art galleries with obvious traces of wilderness from the mountains. It’s an oasis for nature lovers that is brimming with wildlife and experiences the best of every season. The winters are stunningly snowy, summers are warm and comforting, autumn brings vibrant colors with it, and the spring fills the air with the fresh scent of lilacs. 

If you feel like doing something artsy, head over to Earth N Fire and paint your own pottery to your heart’s content.

3. The Adventures in Big Bear Lake 

Big Bear Lake might sound like it’s something huge, but it is actually quite a small city in Southern California and is probably named so because it sits on the banks of the Big Bear Lake in California. 

There are plenty of adventurous activities to do in this region of the Inland Empire, and it is ultimately also known as the most exclusive ‘four-season destination’ where you go for some serious relaxation and adventure!

It is most popular for the Big Bear Mountain Resort which is located in the San Bernardino Mountains. The Bear Mountain is a year-round destination for outdoor adventures and picturesque getaways and is perfect for skiing and snowboarding.

It is also home to Snow Summit, an incredible bike park designed with trails and terrains for all types of riders.

4. The Best Mexico Food 

There are many people who claim that the Mexican food found in Inland Empire is even better the food in actual Mexico. As surprising as that may sound, it could very well be true!

Del Taco is one of the most popular spots in the region for authentic Mexican food, although this restaurant mainly specializes in American-style Mexican food. Even so, the chances are that you’ll be eating the best Mexican food here, better than you’ve eaten elsewhere in the world!

food in inland empire

5. A Center for Recreation and Entertainment 

It is the ultimate center of entertainment and recreation, and if you have a great liking for concerts, performances, and musicals, Inland Empire certainly won’t disappoint you.

An evening at the Fox Performing Arts Center is truly an evening spent well for this arts center holds some of the most amazing concerts, private events, shows, and musicals.

If you want to have fun on the recreational side, Lake Perris State Recreation Area is where you need to go. It is one of the most famous spots in Southern California that offers a plethora of things to do, such as sky diving, fishing, parades, campfire programs, and so much more!

6. A Little Something for Every Homebuyer

When you move to a region like Inland Empire, you don’t have to worry about findings apartments and rentals because it actually has something for every homebuyer. Even if you are looking to buy a brand new home, you are most likely to find one in numerous areas that also offer easy and convenient access to a number of facilities and amenities. 

Highland is quite a popular city located in San Bernardino County where people give utmost priority to education and is also home to a number of recreational activities.

Riverside is another great region that boasts a wonderful community and a plethora of entertainment options. It is a very easy area where you can get around with great convenience, and you will also find homes and apartments as per your liking. 

7. The Largest Outdoor Amphitheatre 

There’s an abundance of dazzling sunshine in the Inland Empire which presents the ideal opportunity to head outdoors and spend as much time as possible till the sun goes down. For this very reason, the San Manuel Amphitheater came into existence, now known as Glen Helen Amphitheatre which is the greatest and the largest ever amphitheater in the whole of America.

It has a gigantic outdoor pavilion that can hold as many as 65, 000 people. Glen Helen Amphitheatre also proudly boasts the reputation of being the largest outdoor music venue all over the United States. It brings you the latest events, performances as well as many big-name country acts that happen to come through this amphitheater.  

Choose Your Favorite City In Inland Empire 

Inland Empire comprises of so many spectacular cities, and you are likely to find one that best fits your needs and requirements. Moving to a new city is surely a tough decision, but the plethora of cities in this region will make it super easy for you. Whenever you are ready to move, search for a place in gorgeous Southern California and prepare yourself to call it home.

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