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7 Things to Love About Detroit, MI

Once upon a time, back in the early 20th century, Detroit boasted a great reputation for being the ultimate global center of the massive automotive industry.

This incredible Midwestern city helped create one of the greatest inventions of that time and contributed so much to the motor industry that it was later given the nickname ‘Motor City’ or ‘Motown.’

The rapid growth of the motor industry is one of the main reasons why it grew so fast in the early 20th century. It went on to become the largest city in Michigan and overall the tenth-largest city in the whole of the United States.

Unfortunately, though, its population has seen a serious decline because of the collapse of the automotive industry; however, Detroit still remains one of the most cultural, artistic, and reasonable cities of the U.S to live in.

In case you ever think of moving to Detroit, here are seven great things to love about this spectacular city.

1. One Opportunity After Another

One can’t deny that Detroit is one of those unlucky cities that experienced serious trouble and gained notoriety for some of its economic problems. But we all love a good redemption story, don’t we?

Detroit seems to have made a massive rebound or comeback in recent years. You will notice that numerous companies, particularly start-up companies, are making their way back into the city, looking to innovate in capital and technology.

These new companies have millions of dollars flowing between them, and they are on the lookout for skilled and talented people to work with them. This suggests the city has multiple opportunities, and if you plan to move to Detroit, you probably won’t experience any serious problem when it comes to finding a job!

2. Affordable Housing

When moving to a new city, as entertaining or extravagant the city might seem, it all comes down to the kind of living it has to offer and whether or not it will burn a hole in your wallet.

Be it going for rentals or buying apartments, everyone has a certain budget in mind for housing and living costs when they plan to move to a new city.

You will be pleased to learn that Detroit has long been committed to providing people with quality and affordable housing, which caters to all types of families with different income levels.

The city also announced earlier this year that it’s on a mission to expand and preserve inexpensive housing by partnering with six organizations. That way, it aims to establish 10,000 affordable housing units by 2023.

So, if the cost of living has gotten you all worried, Detroit might just have the ideal solution for you!

3. Rich Diversity

One of the absolute best things about living in Detroit is that it has a home for literally everyone! The city is brimming with rich diversity, which is also a point of pride for most Detroiters.

The southeast side is home to the biggest Arab-African population in the entire county, and in other parts, you will find the city filled with African-Americans.

The most beautiful aspect of this diversity in Detroit is that while being home to a set of such unique and amazing people, no one feels left out or like an alien in a city. Every individual proudly embraces the diverse cultures and learns things from each other rather than creating bitter divisions.

4. The Ultimate Food Hub

If you are a fan of Mexican food, Detroit will surely never disappoint you! It has some of the best Mexican food going on around in the city and also has the top most Mexican spots to satiate your appetite.

Taqueria Mi Pueblo, for instance, is the first name that comes to mind when you think of Mexican food. This eatery in Detroit will surely blow your mind away and tantalize your taste buds with its rich, exceptional quality and ever-delicious food!

Are you ready for a true Mexican gastronomic affair?

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5. It’s a Music Epicenter

Detroit is one of those cities that are an absolute treat to the ears, thanks to its unparalleled musical heritage.

The city of Detroit has served home to some of the legendary and popular jazz figures such as Alice Coltrane and Donald Byrd.

Other than that, we all know the famous rapper Eminem, who made a massive boom in the world of hip-hop – Detroit was his home, and he has created some of the most amazing music over there.

Although the city doesn’t have the same kind of talent as it used to back in the days in the 60s and 70s, it surely does have exciting live music and concert scenes going on with some jazz, R&B, and electronics. You can also catch musicians playing music and doing shows at different entertainment throughout the city.

6. A Mixed Bag Kind of Weather

Detroit is positioned on the banks of Lake Erie and Detroit River, which means that the weather is a mixed bag in this city, and you are likely to experience four unique seasons that can simply transform the entire feel and look of the city.

Winters are quite cold, and most of your January and February will probably be spent scraping the ice off your car. However, it brings with it beautiful snow and an opportunity to take part in exciting ice sports.

Summers are humid and warm, and when the weather takes a nice turn, it means never-ending sunbathing and swimming on the beach! Detroit summers are quite hard to beat that’s for sure!

7. Fancy a Trip to Canada?

Did you know that Detroit is super close to the Canadian border?

You can actually see Canada from Detroit, and if you want, you can plan quick day trips to the Ambassador Bridge, a true manmade marvel that connects Detroit to Canada. You can even go to the beautiful Windsor, a city in southwestern Ontario, located on the south bank of the Detroit River.

So, fancy a quick, short trip to Canada?

Does Detroit Sound Amazing to You?

Any chance the idea of moving to Detroit sounds appealing to you? If it does, perhaps, you need to start looking for a new home in Detroit!

Loving Detroit but still want to do more research? Check out our other local guides, including our guides on Manhattan and Charlotte. The right home for you is out there, and we’ll help you find it.

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