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statue of Paul revere in Boston

7 Things to Love About Boston, MA

Boston renter Fatoumata has had the great good pleasure of traveling widely and having lived around the U.S. and around the world.  And after all of her travels and moves, she’s always happy to come back to Boston, where she grew up and now lives. Her passion for the city is remarkable!  Let’s dive into some of the things to love about Boston.

1. Walkability

While it’s a huge, global city with everything you could possibly ask for – Fatoumata reports that Boston’s walkability is one of the things that tops her list.  Unlike many other American cities where cars are a necessity, you can walk all around Boston and do most of what you need by foot. Whether it’s walking to work, doing her shopping, or wandering the city in her leisure time, Fatoumata loves how enjoyable it is to explore neighborhoods, restaurants, bars, and more.

2. Boston’s History

It is no surprise that Bostonians are proud of their city’s history, and Fatoumata is no exception on that count.  But what struck us as unusual is that her favorite part about that is the high level of knowledge that her fellow citizens have about their city and its role in our history.  

Whether checking out Faneuil Hall (now a marketplace), the Paul Revere House in the North End or wandering the Freedom Trail from the Boston Common to the Bunker Hill Monument in, well, Bunker Hill, Boston has a fascinating history to explore.  And, it’s not just for tourists – Fatoumata was happy to report that she’s an enthusiastic participant with local friends or visitors when the mood strikes them to explore and learn about their city.

3. Activities For Every Season 

While California and Florida pride themselves in having year-round “good” weather, that’s not what Fatoumata loves.  She loves the fact that Boston has all four seasons and makes amazing use of its natural resources, no matter the time of year.

The Boston Common’s Frog Pond is a great example.  In the summer, it’s a beautiful spray pool, in winter, it’s a busy ice skating rink. During the spring and fall, it’s a reflecting pool where you can see spring bloom.  Lots of things to do, no matter the temperature or time of year, all across the city.

4. Boston Sports Fans Rejoice

On the spectrum of intense sports cultures, Boston has to be close to the top.  In Fatoumata’s experience, the level of support that the teams get from the city is wonderful and makes for an amazing culture.  She’s had particular fun cheering on the Patriots and the Red Sox and loves that the city is there to support the teams whether they’re winning or losing.  

In particular, she loves the parades that get thrown whenever there’s a big win.  The way the whole city unites and the sense of camaraderie that develops is amazing!  And, she has been lucky enough to work along the common parade routes. Fatoumata has been able to see many of those parades up close and enjoy the full experience.  

Boston Sports

5. Exploring Boston Neighborhoods

When we talked about the different neighborhoods, Fatoumata really got into it.  She loves the authenticity and the food of Boston’s “unofficial Little Italy” in the North End.  Jamaica Plain’s unique shopping and Dominican and Puerto Rican restaurants were tops for her. The theatre and the food in the South End keep bringing her back.  Fenway is a ton of fun for games, bars, bowling, arcades and other entertainment. Summerville and Cambridge bring completely different vibes, with more of a hipster feel and a different pace on the other side of the river.

6. No Need to Leave for Weekends

When we asked her where she goes for weekends away, Fatoumata said that there seemed little reason to head to Maine, Vermont or NYC for changes of pace, since there was so much available within a short distance.  

For beaches, she recommends Nahant Beach – which is just 30 minutes from downtown Boston.  Blue Hills Reservation and amazing hiking are just about an hour away, and Fells Reservation is even reachable on the T (Boston’s public transportation) in about 40 minutes from downtown – or 15 minutes by car.  

7. A Good, Clean City

As we said earlier, Fatoumata has the chance to travel widely and has lived in many other places.  And, when she comes back to Boston, she loves how well-kept the city is. Litter is kept in check, and nasty smells don’t get in the way of wandering the city.  And, buildings, businesses, and public areas are well-kept with pride.  

Sounds like a great place to live!  You ready to move to Boston yet? 

Thanks, Fatoumata, for sharing your favorites with us.

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