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baltimore cityscape at sunset

7 Things to Love About Baltimore

From quirky bars and cobblestone streets to beautiful waterfront views and people sipping mimosas at brunches, Baltimore is surely known for so many things that will tell you the city’s story.

When you think of Baltimore, the first few images that come to mind might not be as stunning or exciting as when you think about other cities in the United States. However, just like any other place in the world, this city has its own wonderful story, too. It certainly has gone through its fair and share of ups and downs, but one thing that has always remained constant about this city is that it always strives to become better.

You will always find the people of this city trying to make things better, be it in the form of producing quality music, creating access to fresh produce at the markets, or preserving the natural greenery of the city. And that’s one of the many things to love about this beautiful city.

Here are seven incredible things to love about Baltimore that will also help reveal what the city is all about!

1. The Best Seafood You’ll Ever Eat

The food culture in Baltimore is one of its biggest highlights, one that is simply incomplete without its rich and exotic seafood!

If you are a diehard seafood-lover, perhaps, nothing will stop you from moving to this city for it is home to the best seafood ever! From delicious lobster rolls and a huge crab feast to half-shell oysters, the Chesapeake Bay in Baltimore is right there to satisfy all your seafood cravings. It is popular for its unique pick of oysters and blue crab meat that will tantalize your taste buds like never before.

baltimore seafood

2. It’s the ‘Charm City’

Baltimore has lived through a series of nicknames over time, some good and some bad, but one nickname that has stuck around even today is ‘Charm City.’ There’s quite a fascinating story behind that unique nickname that you ought to know.

Sometime during the early 1970s, the city was down in the dumps due to general public unrest caused by police strikes and trash collectors. At that time, William Donald Schaefer was the mayor of the city. He wanted to change things around and renew its image, so he went on to create a special tourism campaign with the help of four leaders from Baltimore’s largest ad agencies. One of those leaders strongly believed that the city has a lot more charm than what is visible to the eyes, and so, they began to work on the city’s hidden charm angle. 

Visitors that would come to Baltimore were encouraged to get a charm bracelet that they would receive at the end of their visit to five specific attractions of the city. Numerous ads about this campaign were run in an attempt to make it popular, but the campaign was eventually led to failure. 

However, despite that, the name ‘Charm City’ was embraced by the people, and they even started incorporating in numerous areas such as team names and store names. At the end of the day, Charm City is simply a representation of the simplicity, beauty, and the power that this city is known for in today’s time. 

3. Festive Holiday Season 

One of the many reasons to move to Baltimore is its festive holiday season that is especially characterized by an extra-heavy dose of that beautiful, energetic holiday spirit. If you are looking for a great time filled with fun, love, and laughter, Hampden’s 34th Street is where you should be for New Year’s Eve.

The street is adorned with a quirky yet stunning light display coupled with eye-catching decorations to embrace the holiday spirit. The festive holiday tradition on this street acquired the name ‘Miracle on 34th Street‘ during which the entire street becomes electric in ways that you’ve probably never seen or experienced before.

4. Numerous Attractions to Make Your Weekend 

This walkable and friendly city is full of spectacular attractions that are worth a visit regardless of how crowded they are during the weekend!

Among numerous other attractions in the city, the Maryland Science Center will truly blow your mind away with its incredible science displays for you to see. From interactive exhibitions and exciting hands-on-programs to watching movies in the five-story IMAX theatre and taking a stroll through a giant maze where you can see the making of proteins, it’s just unbelievable.

5. Exceptional Street Art

The city of Baltimore gives off an irresistible kind of a spirit that can be seen very clearly in its stunning and prolific street art. There’s colorful artwork all around Charm City that is likely to stop you in your tracks and capture an Instagram-worthy picture.

If you are a graffiti lover, you will find super cool murals and graffiti artwork literally everywhere in the city. But if you happen to be looking for exact locations, you ought to go to Mount Vernon, Hampden, and Jones Falls Expressway, to name a few.

You will come across breathtaking artwork in all these areas!

baltimore street art

6. The Hub of Fun-Filled Events 

Those who’ve visited Baltimore before in life will probably agree with the fact that no one does events better than this city!

There’s always something or the other going on here, so if you ever find yourself dull or bored, you are definitely doing it wrong! One of Baltimore’s biggest festivals include the Great Halloween Lantern Parade, where you get to grab a lantern and watch thousands of lanterns float away through the black, magical night sky. Another must-visit event is the Preakness Festival that has the best kind of fun to offer to you, including helicopter tours, hot air balloons, midway rides, skydiving, and so much more!

7. Picturesque Views at the Inner Harbor 

The Inner Harbor is one of Baltimore’s sightseeing hubs that has been transformed into a tourist attraction. It is also one of America’s oldest seaports, which is home to some of the most exquisite attractions, including the Port Discovery Children’s Museum and Harborplace.

There are a plethora of activities to take part in at the Inner harbor, such as getting out in the water, witnessing a bird’s eye view of the entire city, indulging in the delicious gastronomy affair, and so much more.

Did the Charm City Charm You?

Despite being a small, low-key city, Baltimore is like those big things that come in small packages! 

If the Charm City managed to charm you in any way and you’re thinking to move here, you might want to start looking for a nice home in this beautiful city.

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