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7 Things to Love About Atlanta

A city of many nicknames, most people find it hard to determine what Atlanta really is, especially those who make the move to this city and have to restart their life here.

For some, it’s a hub of diverse musical heritage, some identify it as the city with the world’s busiest passenger airport, and for others, it’s a flourishing foodie wonderland. 

It’s safe to say that Atlanta is a mixture of many things and is never finished. Perhaps, that’s the ultimate beauty of this wonderful city; people can call it home for so many different reasons.

Since the city is such a great mix, there’s never a dull moment faced by its people, as one thing or the other always seems to keep the city alive. 

If you’ve been planning to move to a new city and are open to options, perhaps, Atlanta should make it to the list, too.

Here are seven things to love about this city, or rather, seven reasons why it’s the place to call home.

1. Coco-Cola Was Born In Atlanta 

Coca-Cola is undoubtedly one of the most famous beverages all around the world, and for many people, their meal is absolutely incomplete without a glass of Coca-Cola rattling with ice cubes.

If you happen to be a die-hard coca cola fan, you ought to know that Atlanta is the birthplace of your most favorite drink in the world! This city is exactly where the brand all began, and Coca-Cola is also Atlanta’s signature drink.

What’s even more amazing is that the city is home to world’s only museum called ‘World of Coca-Cola’, which is one of Atlanta’s major attractions where you can learn all about the history of this popular drink and even try its variety of other amazing flavors!

So, fancy a visit?

2. Ideal Weather All Day and Night 

One of the many great things about Atlanta is its wonderful weather, which is never too cold and never too hot. The weather in this city is just ideal all-year-round with very mild changes in the weather pattern.

The city does go through the four basic seasons; however, the cold doesn’t stay for too long, and before you know it, it has been replaced by the warm, glowing sunshine, making the city feel lovely again.

The best part is that you never run short of ideas and options to enjoy this pleasant weather. Head to the beach with a book and a blanket, walk in the streets at night or take a leisurely stroll in the garden, take your pick.

seven things to love about atlanta

3. Home to the World’s Largest Drive-In Restaurant 

Covering almost 5 acres of downtown Atlanta, The Varsity is an iconic 90-year old restaurant which is famous all around the world as the largest drive-in restaurant ever!

This gigantic restaurant can easily accommodate 800 people inside the facility and 600 cars outside! This burger joint was once a small hot dog stand back in 1926, after which it gained massive popularity as soon as it started getting bigger and better.

The Varsity produces around 2500 pounds of potatoes, two miles of hot dogs, and 300 gallons of chili every single day for its hungry, swarming customers. It’s also majorly known for its famous phrase, “What’ll ya have? What’ll ya have?” that servers of the restaurant use to tempt the diners.

4. A Variety of Neighborhoods to Choose From

You know what makes Atlanta such a great city to live in? It has a variety of incredible neighborhoods for you to choose from, and you can pick one according to the rentals and apartments you might be looking for. 

When choosing the best neighborhood in a new city, different people have different requirements and priorities, which makes it highly subjective. To make it easy for you, some of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta include Summerhill with a lower cost of living as compared to its eastside counterparts, Buckhead village with beautiful condos and apartments, East Atlanta that offers great affordability, and Westview with noteworthy home sales.

5. Sheer Volume of Greenery 

It was a popularly held belief that this city is nothing but trees and traffic, and while that may still be true in today’s time, one can’t overlook the abundance of breathtaking greenery present in Atlanta.

If you ever manage to see this city from a bird’s eye view, the excessive volume of greenery and lush, thick foliage will simply blow you away. The stunning plants, trees, and the greens are stretched all across Atlanta, which gives such a massive cool relief to the eyes.

Not just that, but there so many incredible state parks in the city which are accessible within very short distances. These green spaces present a wonderful opportunity for exciting outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, and so many others.

6. Hospitality at Its Peak

If you do move to Atlanta, one of the very first few things that you’ll notice here is the great levels of friendliness and hospitality displayed by the people living in this city. They are extremely helpful, cordial, and are always willing to lend a helping hand!

You will experience a genuine feeling of sincerity and warmth throughout the city, which will make you feel right at home.

7. Strong Burgeoning Food Game 

Did you know Atlanta has long been a foodie capital? The city has always been at the top of its food game and is brimming with some of the most amazing food options from food trucks and carts to fancy fine-dining restaurants.

If you define yourself as a true, avid foodie, the city’s food scene certainly won’t disappoint you!

Does Atlanta Sound Like Your Dream City?

Most of us have our list of dream cities where we wish to travel, explore, or even settle there. If Atlanta almost made it your list, perhaps, it’s best that we start looking for a new home for you in this spectacular city! Do your research, list down a few options, and then decide if it’s your ultimate dream city!

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