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Seven Cheap and Easy-To-Buy Space Savers for Your Apartment

There are endless clever products to help you get the most out of your apartment space. Here are seven especially good apartment space saver ideas. And, none of these need to stay behind if you move on elsewhere. Buy these once, and keep them for as many years (and moves) as you want.

1. Food Storage Containers

Food costs money! When food goes bad, it is a waste of cash, and kind of gross as well. But storage containers are surprisingly inexpensive. Not only will they keep your food fresher, they will let you see what you have, without pawing to the back of the refrigerator to find those grapes you think you still have. You can check them out here (the containers, not the grapes).

2. Storage Lid Organizers

One potential annoyance with food storage containers is that lids clutter up drawers. Also, just like there is a Bermuda Triangle for socks in a dryer, there seems to be something similar for storage container lids in kitchen drawers. That’s why a lid organizer is a smart move.       

There are quite a few different types. Go here to shop. Rather than cluttering up valuable drawer space, get those lids shipshape!

3. Wall Mounted Laundry Drying Rack

Don’t have a clothes dryer in your place? Wall mounted drying racks may not be as good as a drying appliance, but they sure can be handy. You can mount one to almost anything—in a laundry space or a closet, or even outside on a balcony. Better than a dryer for delicate clothes. When not in use, it collapses down to almost nothing, and can be expanded as much as needed. Saves energy too. Check it out here.

4. All Purpose Storage Shelves on Wheels

Most apartments tend to be a little lean on storage space. Here is a possible solution for you—storage shelves on wheels. You could park it somewhere permanently, but sometimes it helps to get something out of the way temporarily. Hence: Shelves on wheels. Also, you might change your mind about which room in your apartment really needs extra storage. So, roll the shelves where you want. Here is one possible product for you the consider.

5. Stairway Storage Baskets

This one is pretty brilliant, if you live in a two story apartment or townhouse. Do you really need all that space on the stairway just to go upstairs and down? It’s not like you will be moving a piano up the stairs every day. More likely, you need a place to put shoes, books, magazines, blankets, or whatever. A little wicker, woven just so, to the contour of your stairs, and you have created more storage space, literally out of thin air! Here is a link.

6. Stack More Stuff in Your Kitchen

Check out this super simple counter and cabinet shelf organizer. In a cramped kitchen, it makes sure you do not let any air space go to waste.

7. Versatile Side Table

This little gem of a side table can go pretty much anywhere—by a chair, a couch, a bed, or anyplace that strikes your fancy. It is light, it has wheels, it is ready to go wherever you need it at the moment. You can order one here.

Did you find these apartment space saver ideas helpful? Looking for more ideas to spruce up your apartment or rental home?

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