On this episode of Rent Matters, Jonas Bordo spoke to Ashley about her experience looking for an apartment rental during COVID. Living in Indiana, Ashley has moved twice to two different apartment communities in the past year. She began her search at the beginning of 2020 and found a place right before the pandemic hit. When comparing her pre-COVID rental search to her more recent hunt for an apartment, Ashley found that her second search was actually more efficient.

Making the Best of Your Circumstances

COVID has posed unique challenges for many renters and landlords across the country. So how did Ashley use these circumstances to her advantage? Well, she made use of virtual tours. Through Realync, Ashley was able to view pre-recorded apartment tours of the exact units she was looking to rent, saving her time, money, and stress. Understandably, many people have their reservations about signing a lease for a rental they have never seen in-person. For Ashley, the leasing agents she spoke to were able to answer any questions she had and even send her personalized videos of their units. Admittedly not all apartment communities have virtual tours readily accessible, even if you don’t see any virtual tours on their website, don’t be afraid to ask. Many landlords and leassing agents are more than willing to accomodate any needs you may have as a potential renter.

Ashley’s Advice: Know What You Want

Before you begin scouring the internet for apartments, set aside time to make a list of attributes you want your home to have. Start by laying out and prioritizing what specific amenities you’re looking to have and the price range you are willing to operate within. There are so many listings out there that if you are not specific about your needs you may end up extending your rental search longer than it needs to be. Everyone’s wants and needs for their home are different, so if you are especially committed to particular rental traits, give yourself more time to search. If a unit does not have the qualities you’re looking for feel free to move on and keep looking.

About Realync

Realync is helping multi-family and real estate professionals streamline the touring process with prospects by providing a way to instantly connect with them and show the individual exactly what they want to see. The relationship is building at the same time. Those live interactions are helping real estate professionals by decreasing overall sales cycles with prospects and increasing their conversion rates too.

About Rent Matters

When Dwellsy CEO Jonas Bordo set out to make an original podcast, he knew he wanted to create a platform that renters could use to elevate their voices and listen to first-hand stories from other renters like themselves. With that goal in mind, he created Rent Matters, a podcast sponsored by Dwellsy.

Meet our host

Jonas is the CEO & Co-Founder of Dwellsy, the largest rentals marketplace in the United States. Jonas is a lifelong advocate for renters and co-founded Dwellsy to create a destination that truly supports renters in their search for a new place and at all other times.

Jonas Bordo

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