If you or a loved one are enlisted in the military, you probably have a pretty good idea of how difficult it is to move from rental to rental. For this episode of Rent Matters, our host Jonas Bordo spoke to Hillary about her experiences renting as a military spouse. Frequently moving at the drop of a hat is no easy feat, least of all during COVID, so we were overjoyed to learn rental search tips from a seasoned renter. We’ve shared some of the highlights from our tenth episode of Rent Matters right here in this blog post, but to get Hillary’s full advice you’ll have to listen for yourself.

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There’s No Time to Waste

In the military, it is not uncommon to be notified that you need to move only a month or even weeks in advance. This becomes even more stressful given there is little certainty about where you are relocating. Sometimes location changes can happen when you are already packed up and in the airport. For Hillary and her husband, it is essential that they are able to find a new home as quickly as possible, regardless of where they end up.

Unlike any other rental listing site, Dwellsy has over 10million apartment listings across the nation. Dwellsy also provides genuinely organic search results. This is important for renters looking to find a new home relatively quickly, because all of the rentals you see are tailored to your needs and not those of property managers paying extra to boost their listings. This makes it far more likely that you will find a rental that suits you sooner rather than later.

Hillary shared that it was easier for her and her husband to find homes when it was just the two of them. Now, with a child and a dog, they have to be more specific about the rental qualities they’re looking to have. It is important that they have a child-friendly space and a yard for their pup. With extra residents to take into account, it becomes far more risky to rent an apartment without getting a full idea of what it’s like in-person.

11. Searching On Short Notice Rent Matters

On this episode of Rent Matters, Jonas spoke to Hannah and Miranda about their recent move and what it was like to search for a rental on short notice. https://dwellsy.com
  1. 11. Searching On Short Notice
  2. 10. Advice from a Frequent Mover
  3. 9. How To Save Time With Listing Sites

Hillary’s Advice: Avoid Renting Without Viewing the Property In-Person

Technology has come a long way since the introduction of online home rental listings. However, nothing catch match the experience of viewing a prospective home in-person. Although, virtual home tours can be very helpful, they do not give you a holistic representation of what it may be like to rent in that space. Viewing in-person gives you the opportunity to really envision yourself in the space. In Hillary’s words, a video tour won’t inform you if there’s a loud highway nearby or loud neighbors.

It is not always possible to go visit prospective rentals, especially if you are in the military. Her advice: if you cannot view a rental in-person, send someone who can, ideally someone who understands what your wants and expectations are. That way you have the opinion of an individual you trust.

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