For the first episode of Rent Matters host, Jonas Bordo spoke with Emi Matsuda about rental hunting remotely, something most renters are navigating for the first time. Having previously rented for many years and recently completed a cross-country move, Emi had a ton of advice to offer. 

How to Navigate Around COVID

Most of Emi’s rental search has taken place during times of social distancing and virtual home tours, yet she has not let those barriers deter her. Yes, it is harder to picture yourself living in a space that you haven’t seen in-person, but in Emi’s experience utilizing virtual tours can be extremely helpful, especially if you do not have the option of doing a self-guided tour. During virtual tours, don’t be afraid to ask for specific footage of certain areas and amenities in the home. Afterall, you want to be certain this is where you want to live before you sign the lease.

When asked explicitly what advice she would offer other renters, Emi shared a variety of tidbits. Her first piece of advice was to get to know the neighborhood. There are many fears and anxieties around interacting with others during these times. Although it is no longer safe to go door to door asking people for their opinions, try reaching out to online Facebook groups and other virtual community spaces to get honest opinions about the areas you are considering.

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Tips for When You’ve Found Your Next Rental

Once you have found your new home and signed the lease, it is time to invest energy into your relationship with your landlord. Don’t wait until something goes wrong, or you’re filing your first repair request to talk to your landlord. The more time you give yourself to build a relationship with your landlord or property manager, the more comfortable you will feel communicating with them when you need help. For more exceptional advice from Emi, give this episode of Rent Matters a listen here.

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