Last week Rent Matters host, Jonas Bordo, spoke with Donje Putnam about how to find a rental during COVID, a question that weighs heavy on the minds of many aspiring renters. As an experienced property manager, Donje has leased over 800 apartments in her time and acted as a community manager on many occasions. Lucky for us, Donje has copious amounts of industry experience and knowledge to share with renters and property managers alike. So what types of tangible tips did Donje share? 

Make Use of Digital Opportunities

Many property managers have gone out of their way to create and share video tours of each rental, so that prospective tenants can get the best impression of the space without putting themselves or others at risk. Facebook Live and YouTube are great resources for virtual housing tours. If there are none available for the place you are looking at, consider asking the property manager for pictures or videos of the space that can be taken on their phone. Many properties have pictures of their communal and model units readily available, but it is important to make sure you are familiar with the actual unit you may be renting. 

Essentials to Look for in Your Lease Agreement

More often than not, property managers provide confusing leases, filled with confusing technical jargon and minutia. Although we highly recommend reading through your lease in its entirety, keep an eye out for these specific details: when your lease begins and ends, when rent is due, how many days notice must be given before moving out, and how to place maintenance requests.

Looking for more tips from Donje? Give this episode of Rent Matters a listen.

Meet our host

Jonas is the CEO & Co-Founder of Dwellsy, the largest rentals marketplace in the United States. Jonas is a lifelong advocate for renters and renting and co-founded Dwellsy to create a destination that truly supports renters in their search for a new place and at all other times.

About Dwellsy

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