Join Dwellsy Lightbox

Dwellsy Lightbox is a simple, location-based directory of talented professionals who offer photo, video, and/or styling services to real estate and rental property managers who need images to market their vacant homes. Dwellsy does not take a role in negotiating participants’ fees or services or vet the types of inquiries participants might receive. We are just focused on creating a great place to connect talent with demand… what you do after you meet is up to you!

Joining Dwellsy Lightbox is easy and free! There are only TWO requirements to join:

  1. You must have a page on your business branded website domain that indicates to Property Managers that you offer property and interior photography, video and/or styling services. Facebook pages, Photobucket galleries, etc. do not meet this requirement. (VIEW EXAMPLES)

  2. You must link to somewhere on your webpage from Requirement 1 (above). Links from your Facebook, Instagram, etc. or links set as “Nofollow” will not count toward this requirement.

You can join Dwellsy Lightbox at any time, however your listings won’t be included until it has met both requirements listed above. The first major marketing push to over 20,000 property managers across every market in the United States will begin the third week of May. (At this time, only participants in the US are eligible to join.)

If you are curious, check what the Dwellsy Lightbox Directory looks like!