On this episode of Rent Matters, Jonas Bordo spoke to Jenny, an avid skier and account manager at Toptal, about her recent, cross-state move to Utah. After a month of settling into her new home with her partner, Jenny was kind enough to share what it was like making a last-minute move in only two weeks.

Why The Two Week Deadline?

With her partner, Tyler, recently graduating from nursing school, Jenny was expecting a move relatively soon, but nothing could have prepared her for such a quick and unexpected change. On November 14th, Tyler found a nursing opportunity in Salt Lake City, and suddenly they had two weeks to move out of one home and into the next.

So how did they do it?

Jenny spoke candidly about her experience admitting “It was quite a shock to go from owning a place for five years to having to reenter the rental market.” Once they learned they had 14 days to move to Utah, Jenny and Tyler both hopped online to utilize as many online home rental platforms as possible to try to meet their deadline.

While Jenny was rental searching from home, her partner Tyler drove to Utah and booked twelve rental appointments back-to-back in hopes of finding their future home. It was a very ambitious feat. Unfortunately, none of the twelve homes Tyler viewed were compatible with Jenny and his needs. The rental of their dreams ended up being a rental they found online, and never viewed in person.

Jenny’s advice: “Have faith in the process”

It’s easy to get discouraged while hunting for a rental, but don’t fret. There’s a home out there for you, and all you have to do is keep looking. For more of Jenny’s incredible renting story, give this episode a listen.

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What is Toptal?

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About Rent Matters

When Dwellsy CEO Jonas Bordo set out to make an original podcast, he knew he wanted to create a platform that renters could use to elevate their voices and listen to first-hand stories from other renters like themselves. With that goal in mind, he created Rent Matters, a podcast sponsored by Dwellsy.

Meet our host

Jonas is the CEO & Co-Founder of Dwellsy, the largest rentals marketplace in the United States. Jonas is a lifelong advocate for renters and co-founded Dwellsy to create a destination that truly supports renters in their search for a new place and at all other times.

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