Dwellsy’s market database is over 11 million rentals strong, which makes our site the largest and fastest-growing rental database in the country. This means that we have access to some of the best and most comprehensive data on rentals out there. Now, if you’re a member of the press, you’ll have access to that data, too.

Within the data we’re offering you, you can find information on rent in any place you’d like. You can look at our data at three different levels: MSA, city, and zip code. You can use this data to track how markets are changing over time, from month to month. For each location, the data set includes:

  • The average listing price
  • The median listing price
  • The maximum listing price
  • The minimum listing price
  • The number of listings Dwellsy has in that location

You can see one example of how our data was used in this piece about the downtown market in Albuquerque. As you can see, our data is comprehensive because it includes a wide range of rentals. It also allows you to see a broad picture of how your local rental market is doing as a whole. Check out the sample of data from Denver below.

data summary

If you’re interested in receiving similar data on an ongoing basis in your own city, we’re happy to help you. Reach out to us at press@dwellsy.com.

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