A simple, location-based directory of talented professionals who offer photo, video, and styling services to residential property managers in need of images to market their vacant rental homes.

For Property Managers

Why Use Lightbox?

  • The New Normal is Virtual
    In the Age of Covid, renters are far less likely to tour a property in-person. Managers who show unit specific images, tours and details will win the hearts and minds of renters today.

  • Better Visuals = More Rent
    Your property gets one chance to capture a renter’s attention through its first impression. Especially in when social distancing is the norm, Renters will skip properties that lack unit specific images.

  • Expand Your Roster
    As your need for images increases, you can add talented professionals with top of the line equipment, superb retouching skills, and visual storytelling expertise to help you meet the need.

For Photographers

Why Join Lightbox?

  • Be Visible — for FREE!
    Thousands of property managers use Dwellsy for their listings and they need great marketing images. Joining Lightbox is a free, easy way to get exposure to these prospective clients.

  • Diversify Your Income Streams
    In a time when weddings & events have dried up, real estate photography is a great additional source of revenue for talented professionals. And if you have already been serving the “For-Sale” market, rental properties gives you a whole new segment!

  • Expand Your Portfolio
    Interior and exterior residential photography offers a chance to push yourself creatively and build a stunning portfolio of a whole new line of business.


Susan Stripling is a prominent New York wedding photographer specializing in creative, timeless wedding photography with a modern appeal. Best known for her creative approach to composition, documentary style of capturing natural moments, and her heartfelt dedication towards customer service. Susan holds the prestigious distinction of being named a “Canon Explorer of Light.

Image Salon is a photography and post-production studio in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 2014, by photographers, the team includes 130+ editors and retouchers. Clients span many genres: real estate, product, wedding, event, portrait, fashion, as well as big brands in the travel, hospitality, and real estate industries.


How did Dwellsy Lightbox come to be?
Dwellsy Lightbox was born in a time of Covid19, when social distancing simultaneously decimated the wedding and event photography industry AND caused a spike in demand for unit-specific rental photography (since units couldn’t be shown in person). Dwellsy has a mission to do well by doing good and we knew that we could bring these two groups together for the benefit of all. At a time there is so much we can’t do to help the world, doing this felt like a no-brainer.

Does Dwellsy own the images or collect a commission?
No and no! We aren’t involved in payment or terms and we *definitely* do NOT own the images! We make a marketplace where talent meets demand and everything else is between the two parties.

Free? C’mon…what’s in it for Dwellsy?
Good will and good karma. Seriously.
We think that the pay-to-play model that is forced on property managers is toxic to the entire rental industry, especially renters! Dwellsy is on a mission to chart a new path. When a company can do something that helps people in a time of crisis, and the cost is minimal, a better question would be, How could we not?

Can Real Estate agents use Dwellsy Lightbox for their for-sale listings?
Yes! Dwellsy, as a listing site, serves exclusively long-term rental homes, but anyone who needs real estate or property images is welcome to use it. Enjoy!

Do I have to list my rental units on Dwellsy to use Lightbox?
No, of course not! But since listing your rental units on Dwellsy is ALSO really, truly free, why would you not?

Do I have to use Lightbox photographers for my listings on Dwellsy?
No, of course not! You can use any imagery you have. (But they really are a very talented bunch so we’d hate for you to miss out!)